Folsom Garage Door for Mike’s Garage Door Services offer you all-in-one services; ranging from small repairs to full installations, minor revamps to a general overhaul. We have repair, replacement, installation and maintenance services available 24/7, delivered by our knowledgeable technicians who are equipped with the right tools and training to undertake every garage door task.

Repair Services
If your garage door is making a clanging noise that wakes the whole neighborhood up, or if you are starting to have a routine of getting out of your car to push your door open, it’s time to call for a professional Folsom Garage Door repair. We can fix whatever issue you have with your garage door and make it run as if it was never broken. Our repair services include broken cables, broken springs, bent tracks, broken rollers and rusted tracks. We can also help out silencing your noisy systems by providing the right adjustments in the door’s spring. With our help, you can have a garage door that opens smoothly that you will be able to close and open without any hassle.

Replacement Parts
When the problems in your garage door is too much to be repaired, then it’s time for proper replacement. Having springs broken or cables snapped can cause a security issue in your garage door. When panels are bent or rusted on the edge, it can also cause inconveniences in opening the system. We are your experts in determining your garage door’s issue, and your resource in providing the right parts to replace the old and broken ones in the system. Folsom Garage Door has teamed up with many garage door brands and parts, so we can ensure you’ll find the exact replacement you need. Our qualified technicians can guarantee that we will have your garage door back in shape with our services.

New Installations
Are you a new homeowner planning to create a safe barricade for your garage? Or do you want to change your home’s old garage door for cosmetic purposes? Folsom Garage Door has you covered; from repair to a complete garage door installation. Our experts are committed in installing customized and pre-designed garage doors with skill and accuracy, giving you a well-built entry system for your car. We also have opener installations and rollup door installation services.

The Need for Proper Maintenance
Your garage door provides a layer of security for your home. This is why it is always important to keep them operating smoothly at all times. We recommend to have your door checked regularly for maintenance and see to it that all the parts are in good working order. Our technicians will ensure that your door is always in its best shape, avoiding bigger issues by solving problems at once.
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