Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Homeowners
Your garage door will only work if all the components, both mechanical and electrical, operate seamlessly. However, with years of regular use, you may find your garage door wearing out. Local weather conditions as well as friction within the moving parts can decrease its performance. While your garage door is guaranteed to last for a time, it cannot last perfectly.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep it working in its best condition. As a property owner, you can do something in making sure that your garage door is in its best shape. Unlike any other door in your home, your garage door is electrically operated and has different components to make the system work. Folsom Garage Door for Mike’s Garage Door Services wants to help you understand its basic maintenance:

Proper Inspection. Take a look at the components of your garage door. Do not overlook even the small parts, as everything is important for the system to work harmoniously. Analyze the opener, chain belt, metal tracks, drive belt, dents, electrical connections, bearings and rollers. If you have been using your garage door for years, look for any signs of rust on the metal parts. See if there is corrosion, or any misalignments and dents as these may cause you major issues later on.

Lubricate Moving Metal Parts. In order for the door components to move perfectly, they need to have a friction-free surface for smoother movement. The best you can use is an oil grade directed by the garage door manufacturer. Folsom Garage Door dissuades the use of oils which attracts dirt and dust, causing damage to the rest of the components. Grease metal tracks inside the rolling shutter doors. Some other parts which require lubrication are the rollers, hinges, pulleys, screws and the chain.

Avoid Tampering with the Settings. When your Folsom Garage Door creates a default setting for your system, avoid tampering with it. Modern doors close and open through electronic openers which are best programmed for daily use. Unless you understand the operating instructions, leave this to the professional.

Be Wary of Minor Dents. The panels are used consistently and this can cause dents in the material. Lightweight aluminum doors can be easily damaged, but one can have this repaired quickly. It is important to remove the dents at once as this may misalign the whole garage door system as it opens and close. Have our expert technician at Folsom Garage Door repair it for you.

Proper maintenance can save you a lot of money, but keep in mind that serious repairs and replacements should be done by a reputable garage door company. When the task seems impossible, call a technician at Folsom Garage Door for Mike’s Garage Door Services; this will save you from having major system issues in the future.

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